Morning breakfast

Monday, this mornings late breakfast in bed 
I'm finally free! I'm off Mc Donalds! Yesterday was my last day there and this morning I slept until lunch and had a lovely late breakfast. I really needed that, so badly. This job at Mc Donalds has been exhausting for 5 months and now I'm finally free from it. On the other hand, now I don't have a job and I'm offically unemployed at the moment, but it's okay. Hopefully I will find a new job soon. The best thing about being unemployed is that I now have time to get back on track with my life. I've kind off lost being healthy for the last couple of weeks and now I'm so motivated to really focus on getting back with working out daily and eating healthy. Aah, you should be jealous ;) 


1 Ninni:


Hur härliga bilder tar inte du då?! Åh så bra din blogg är!! Kram

2 Linnea A:


Gud vad fina bilder!!! Var har du köpt det där "sängbordet" någonstans, där maten står? Tacksam för svar!

Svar: Åh, taack tjejen! Det är köpt på IKEA!

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