Close Up

Close up photos off me today, wearing my new lovely black beanie
Just finish dinner and now I'm off to my friend Rebecka. This cold want stop me from having fun. One day indoors yesterday was enough but now I really need and want to get out and meet up with friends. What are your plans for tonight? 

Nike Air Force

SNEAKERS: Nike Air Force, 599 SEK
My new favorites! Imagine these sneakers with a pair of black jeans, a loose tisha and my bomber jacket. I can't be more perfect! Now, time for a walk in the sun with these darlings!

MacBook Pro

My new baby!
Finally! For now 2 years I have been aiming for a new computer and here I'm with a MacBook Pro! I'm so happy! I just love playing with my new computer and from now on I can assure you updates after updates here on the blog. Yey! Well, enough of that. Later on today I'm heading of to town meeting up with my friend Helen, but now, time to make healthy waffles! Recipe will be posted tonight. Stay tuned ;)