About The Detox

I have recieved a lot off questions about my detox, both here and on my Instagram account. Here are some off the most common questions you have asked me. 
What's a detox?
Detox means purification of the body. It's a eating plan that is completely free from chemicals, animal products, dairy products, caffiene, sugar and other things that stress the body. You can say that you are having a vegan week boosted with foods full off vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 
Which detox have you done?
I have done my own detox. This detox is a detox that I have created my own, both with the help off my experience and my Mum. 
How long is your detox?
It's a 7 days detox.
Did you loose any weight?
About 1kg, nothing special.
You result is amazing! Can I accomplish that too?
It depends from person to person. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee you that you will see the results that I have done, but I can at least guarantee you that afterwards you will feel better, fresher and more energetic.
What have you been eating?
All the recipes off what I have been eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner will be published togheter with the detox.
How many meals did you eat during one day?
It eat 5 meals a day, like you are used to everyday, even when you aren't doing any detox. 3 big meals and 2 snacks.
Was it hard to do the detox?
Believe me, it was harder then I thought. The first couple of days I felt like dying - headache, hunger, tired and bad mood. But as the days moved on I continued to feel better and better. 
Would you recommend doing a detox?
Unfortunately not, and the reason why I don't recommend it, is because you might feel seriously ill, like I did in the beginning. But if you are desperate of getting rid of that bloated belly, it's worth it!  
When will you share it?
I will share it as fast as possible. I'm in the middle of putting everything together right now so be patience, it will be published at least in one week! 
Will you only publish it on the blog or would I be able to download it somewhere?
I will make it as a PDF-file so you can download it and print it out and keep it with you all day long. 
So, there you got the most common questions answered! If you wondering anything else, leave me a comment! I must say that I'm so exited that sooo many off you want my detox. It makes me really happy :)


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räkna du kalorier under tiden? hur många kalorier åt du per dag ungefär?

Svar: Åh, det skulle jag gjort! Jag gjorde tyvärr inte det, räknar aldrig kalorier nu för tiden.. Men kan räkna ihop en dag hur mycket jag åt, jag har alla dagarna nedskrivna!

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Where do i can find your detox plan?

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I was suggested this web site by my cousin. I'm not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my problem. You are incredible! Thanks!

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